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    How I treat my herpes outbreaks

  • How I treat my herpes outbreaksI've had herpes for the past eight years. Like most of us, I was shocked when initially diagnosed. It was my first time out in the dating world after the loss of my husband several years earlier. I also had recently won my battle with thyroid cancer. I had finally felt ready to explore the world of relationships again. The first time I experienced intimacy with someone, within two weeks I contracted herpes. Yes it was shocking and initially devastating. The first outbreak was the most severe and very painful. Walking was difficult. I went to my Gyn physician and she knew immediately through a visual exam, and culture, it was herpes. ....[ read more ]
  • My Herpes Dating Experience

  • Herpes Dating Guide My story begins like this: I met this guy and was instantly smitten by him. We entered a relationship after only knowing each other for three days. I met him through his cousin, who was a friend of mine. I was attending college near his home town. Being only 18, I quickly realized how amazing it felt to be in love with someone and soon dropped out of college. I had to move back home, nearly 3 hours away. We had a long distance relationship that we reluctantly overcame.....[ read more ]
  • Date Tips About Living With Herpes

  • Date Tips About Living With Herpes Be honest, but not brutally so --- you need to tell a date that you have herpes and give them enough time to absorb and think about the information before having sexual contact. Remember that timing is everything and just blurting out that you have herpes just before you get in bed is definitely a big no-no. Most people lack enough information on the disease and brutal honesty can cause them to process your revelation poorly, causing them to react in fear and loathing. However, given enough time and information, herpes doesn't have to be that big of a deal.....[ read more ]
  • How Do I Get Tested For Herpes?

  • How Do I Get Tested For Herpes? During an outbreak:Your healthcare provider will look at the sores and see if they seem typical of a herpes outbreak. If they are, your provider may swab the sores to see if they contain virus. However, this swab test is not always accurate and has a high risk of false negatives. An outbreak that looks like herpes, but that comes back with a negative test for virus, may still be a herpes infection. Testing a swab for virus is most useful in the first 48 hours of a first outbreak. After that, and during recurrent outbreaks, it becomes much less accurate.....[ read more ]
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